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Hi guys, Im J and welcome to my blog! Today I am doing a different kind of post. I am doing a video review on my top childhood games! To me, growing up was full of games. Me and my cousins used to meet up on the weekend and play them together at my grandmas house. Everyone would jump on their nintendo DS and play Mario Kart. it was a bit of a blood bath. This review today will show you all my childhood games and why I love them so much. So I hope you enjoy!

Starting with Neopets! A universal virtual pet community. Users sign up to this website, adopt a neonate and start building their own lives online. There is a currency called Neopoints, or NP. And users can do whatever they like in this world. They can buy items and build their inventory. There are things like potions, battle items, clothes and stationary. These things can be traded or sold. There are guilds like food societies and endless threads of chat boards. Neopet’s also has a game room with specifically designed games based on this virtual world. The fondest games I remember playing are Meerca Chase, Snow Muncher and Fyora’s Quest. Meerca Chase is a modernised version of Snake. You run around on the choice of three different modes and settings, collect a Negg and run around avoiding the red poisonous Neggs. Very easy, very straightforward and very addictive. Snow Muncher was also a very simple game. You basically embodied this snow bear and ate your way to the bottom, kind of like a reverse Tetris. You collect potions which magically make him more hungry and collect gems for more points. Fyora’s Quest was by far more mature, and more difficult. It was a problem solving game that you couldn’t easily pass. You had to study the environment and plan  the most practical choices to access the next level. Much more challenging and engaging, I believe the final level was extremely difficult but I can’t remember whether I passed it as an 8 year old gamer. 

The next game is Cube Field. A rainy day favourite. You simply navigate yourself through the cube field carefully not hitting any. I enjoyed the game visually and loved how the screen moved with my arrows. It felt immersive and interactive even though the concept was quite simple. Based on your survival, the game speeds up and also changes colours. It becomes more unusual and builds its  visual aesthetic and doesn’t require a lot of brain power so its really enjoyable and a game that is just for fun. 

Crimson Room was another favourite. You wake up as this character who has to escape from this room but first you have to search for clues and put all the pieces together. I enjoyed how uniquely  interactive this game was, clicking around to see different areas and find different clues. This was definitely a crowd favourite in primary school, we would often play it together when it was computer time and help each other solve the next part of the game. I believe there are different versions of this game that have gone on beyond this initial room, with more complex tasks and designs. One thing I didn’t enjoy about the game is how there is only one room. I would love to have had it extend to a whole house where you must escape multiple rooms! However in saying this, the one room was quite well done and it has had a lasting impact on myself as a gamer. I don’t play it often but every few years it is mentioned and I have to open the link up and play again. 

And finally, the beloved Animal Crossing. This was the best present ever. I played this on my Ninetendo DS, and my cousins each had the game too. We were able to visit each others towns and send each other mail, it was such a fun little world. Similarly to Neopets, you live in this virtual world and make it your own. One of the biggest differences, in my humble opinion, is the virtual reach. So, you live in this world on your own individual device and are only able to visit others when in a particular distance of another users Ninetendo. So the global reach isn’t as large. I think this makes animal crossing a bit more special. You are in control of your own little world and can control the changes and guests of your city. You can engage with the simulated characters and build friendships, and engage in other activities like fossil unity and shopping. It is very imaginative with a city made up of anthropomorphic animals who had catch phrases and unique personalities. 

So! This is the end of my review I hope you guys enjoyed it, I am such a huge fan of these games online and I would strongly recommend you guys have a go. I’m gonna leave some links below for you to play. The only one you wouldn’t be able to access is Animal Crossing, because you need a console and game card. But, if you ever get the chance to play you should definitely have a go. It’s a fun little world for you to grow and develop, and make new friends and stuff like that. All these games were my favourite because they weren’t overly complicated so that caught me attention long enough to game! They have their own aesthetics which make them quite memorable. I’m no gaming expert but the visuals were really well done and the worlds were very immersive! My top favourite out of these favourites would have to be Neopets or animal crossing! 

But anyway, hope you enjoyed and .. happy gaming! 

Links to the games!
Meerca Chase
Snow Muncher
Fyora’s Quest
Cube Field
Crimson Room


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  • Lotte
    Posted December 5, 2018 at 12:56 pm 0Likes

    Really well done! Looks really well-made and love the ‘make a Mii’ soundtrack you used. Really relatable as I used to play Cubefield aswell.

  • Cathinka
    Posted December 11, 2018 at 3:01 pm 0Likes

    I love that you made a video! I agree with Lotte, it looks very well-made. The editing was done very neatly. Lovely to hear the Mii-music again.

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