Digital Art: Expression Beyond Capability

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries…” – Neville Brody Last weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit NXT Museum in Amsterdam, a first of its kind concept museum dedicated entirely to digital media art. What I walked away with was a broadening of my artistic horizons like I’ve never experienced before.  Digital Art is a very fluid…

Heavenly goodness: on religious food blogs

Written by Aurora E. L. Turkenburg

It is not difficult to get lost online between food blogs, -videos, -reels, and recipe-tik-toks. Among countless of diets, such as the increasingly more popular veganism and keto diets, we also find ‘religious’ food blogs promoting a religious diet. Where do these stem from?

So, it’s all about compassion and, as I learned when I was doing Buddhist meditation retreats, you don’t have to involve animal suffering to have a good diet. It’s not necessary.

Jean-Philippe Cyr, ‘The Buddhist Chef’

The A to Z of My Relationship w/the Internet

In hopes of wrapping up these series of blogs in style, I thought I would document the A to Z of things I have discovered through the Internet that significantly and qualitatively enriched my existence over the years! A for AMA AMA (or /r/IAmA; Ask me Anything) is a subreddit for interactive interviews, ranging from various celebrities to everyday people in several…

Viking Funerals and Frozen Money

Well folks, we all knew this was going to happen. My last blog post. No need to cry, I know we had fun, but all good things must come to an end. I must say, I have been having trouble finding a suitable subject for this last post. Nothing seemed worthy enough to be my final story on this site. Everything was…

‘im here to learn so :))))))’ – The exploitation of an AI *Trigger warning for the content of some images*

Some people may have heard of the short-lived existence of Microsoft’s AI chatbot called ‘Tay,’ others may have completely missed the event. The latter would come as no surprise, given that Tay was released on March 23rd of 2016 and was taken down the very same day. This artificial intelligence chatter bot was published on Twitter and was designed as a 19-year…

To wrap things up

After writing a variety of blogs for this course, I will end my blogging experience with this final entry. For this final blog, I would like to write out some of my thought about my experience of writing these blogs and I would like to take a brief look at the blogs that I have written. My blogging experience Blogging is not…