If you have not submitted 10 points worth of content or you would like to or need to improve your final portfolio grade, you will (also) write an in-depth, academic essay-style post as a retake.


You will pick one of the lecture themes to write about and make a substantially addition to it in the form of an essay with a clear inquiry-led introduction, context and overview (including sources), your own intervention that is example, insight- and/or data-driven, and conclusion that synthesizes your argument in such a way that a clear take-away message or insight has been shared with your reader.

Referencing & Additional Sources of Information

Absolutely! Same rules apply as for the blogs, however: urls are also an accepted way of referencing.

Furthermore, you will add substantially to the literature and information for the theme as it was supplied in the course. At least part of this addition is of a source that is academic in nature.


Yes. Still, this is not a blog. Keep it to relevant, argument supporting images: i.e. no multimedia for ‘decorative purposes’


The length depends on the following:

  • 0-3 content points or porfolio grade between 1 to 3.5: 7500 words
  • 3-6 points or portfolio grade between 3.5 and 5: 5000 words
  • 7-9 points or portfolio grade of 5+ : 2500 words


Your essay should be online on this website by 4-2-2022.

By that date, you will also have submitted this essay in PDF format via Brightspace (do not spend too much time on layouting, this is for archival purposes only).

Course Material (‘Literature’) take-aways and/or Presentation

Did you get a failing grade or did you not complete your Course Material and/or Presentation parts of your course work?

In both these cases, you will get the pleasure of an examination in the form of a discussion with the lecturer. These will take place before 4-2-2022, in all likelihood in the third week of January.

Extenuating Circumstances

Like you, I want you to pass this course. Have there have been any challenges, physical, mental, social, or otherwise, that reasonable prevented you from participating fully for the first or second re-take? Please make sure you communicate this to your student support services, ask them to contact me via e-mail.

If you like you can also separately contact me to fill me in on the situation, but this is not necessary.

Once I have received word about extenuating circumstances from your student support person, I will contact you and we can work out a course completion plan that will take into account your circumstances as best as possible.

Please note that due to Leiden University regulations, all coursework has to be graded by the end of this academic year 2021-2022. You cannot extend this into the next academic year.