In your presentations you will make a prediction about a development that will apply to or take place in a digital phenomenon of your choice. Presentations for this course will be following a Twitter thread style:

  • Slide1/Tweet1: “I predict that [development X] will happen in [digital phenomenon Y] in [about Z years].”
  • Slide2/Tweet2: Explain digital phenomenon Y:
    • in 280 characters or less plus one image
  • Slide3/Tweet3: Current status of Development X (in digital phenomenon Y)
    • in 280 characters or less plus one image
  • Slide4+5/Tweet4+5: Reason why you believe Development X will happen (in Z years):
    • in 280 characters or less plus one image
  • Slide 6/Tweet6: Whether you think it is a good or bad thing that Development X will happen to phenomenon Y (and why).
    • in 280 characters or less plus one image
  • Slide7/Tweet7: “If you would like to know more about this, I suggest following/reading/watching [online resource/person]

Download Powerpoint Format for the Presentation

Further Details

Don’t forget that you can use #s and @s. Also follow Twitter character count for links (always 23 characters)!

Presentations will be 5 minutes + 2 minutes for short comments/questions and handover.

Hand in the presentation as a Powerpoint or PDF via Blackboard at the latest on Monday December 3 (2019)

Indicate in last slide (not part of the presentation in class), whether you:

  • Would like the LUCDH to tweet this for you anonymously.
  • You will tweet it with an own account.
  • You just want to present this in class without any social media presence.