The beauty of Instagram

We open it and the sparkle reflects in our eyes. The life seems perfect. We want to absorb the beauty, the endless beauty. We scroll down and what we see, is the seemingly perfect life. Most pictures show friends having fun together and enjoying the moment. Everyone looks happy. They probably all left their phones at home and just focused on the people around them. The observer just wants to jump into the picture by seeing these moments. Other photos demonstrate people having vacation at the greatest places in the world. The seas look azure that it almost is perceived as spurious. The meals that they post when being at the beach during a sunset appears delicious. So, that we instantly want to grab the meal out of the phone or jump into the phone and be there at this epic place. If you scroll through all the posts many of them consist of delicious meals in restaurants, beautiful holiday places and unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Many of us share only the best parts of ourselves. The glamour. We do not just share the best parts of us we also show the people we are not boring. Many of us send daily pictures and videos in our stories to show the people what we are doing. I think on reason might be that if all your friends show in public what they are doing you don’t want to be perceived as the boring person if you don’t share your activities on Instagram.  Therefore, wherever we go we will capture the moment and share it.

 I experienced many times, that people film others who are dancing and seem to enjoy the moment at parties whereas the people who are filming were standing still and were using their mobile phone and sharing that video on Instagram. I don’t know why they wanted to share the video but I assume they wanted to demonstrate how much fun the party is and how much they enjoy it… 

Another time I was in a bar with some friends and a friend wanted to take the perfect picture with us while we should clink glasses. It took her 30 min to edit the photo before she could post it on her story. Lastly, most shocking experience was, when I was at a birthday party and an acquaintance wanted to take a picture with some people to post it on her story. She pushed one of the people out of the picture and pulled one in the picture and said you are handsome…

Many of us want to be perceived as beautiful on Instagram. Therefore, many of us try to do everything to appeal attractive. The use of the filter is a decisive instrument to make that happen. For instance, women can expand her curves when necessary and men can pump their muscles up. They seem to be more muscular. It is not real but people respond with positive comments and smiley, such as; awww baby you are sooo hot or look at you. These comments boost our self-esteem. Therefore, Instagram can be seen as a measure of self-esteem.

You can completely alter your appearance on Instagram through these filters. However, even more extreme, men and women put more and more emphasis on their sex appeal. They present themselves almost naked. Nowadays it is almost normal.

Is that prostitution?

This is just one aspect of Instagram but there are obvious many positive aspects as well.

Nevertheless with this blog I just want to make us aware that the seemingly perfect life that people have on Instagram might not be real, so we should not let ourselves fool. At the end of the day you know that your posts and the person that you try to be on Instagram can`t be reached. This thought might dissatisfy you a lot.

Our society promotes good looking, healthy and well-trained people. Every ad, every movie consists of beautiful and handsome models and actors.

It is reasonable that we want to be like them…