Just a Sec

Time flies by, doesn’t it? One moment it is only nine ‘o clock in the morning, so you decide to watch all the new episodes that came out on Netflix and next thing you know it is a quarter past one, and you have wasted half of your day. Oh, and you’ve got to write a blog before you leave for work.

You open your laptop and lo and behold, Windows needs to update a couple of things. No matter how long that takes, it always takes too long.

Let’s answer some WhatsApp messages in the meantime. No one has responded yet. Maybe some Reddit then, ah no the same dank posts as five minutes ago.

The news has nothing noteworthy to offer either, but at least your laptop is alive again. Wow, a whole two minutes, glad I had something to do in the meantime.

Oh never mind, the internet is soooo slow, it takes ages for the digmedia page to load. How is my connection this slow??

And that is how we got here. Everything is hurried and almost everything takes up either too much time or is boring. I have spent 14 hours on entertainment apps this week according to my phone, so that is my count, excluding television and laptop usage.

A screenshot of the Screentime app, which tracks how much time you’ve spent on your phone.
It also categorizes your usage.

It might be time to take a sec and think about this need for constant and instant gratification. It might have something to do with the whole living from one milestone to the other. And from one activity to another. It might just be me, but it does feel like the whole living from one day to another shtick gets ingrained from high school on out.

And it is not that I think that everything used to better in the olden days of analogue everything. But it is much easier on the eyes and mind to read a book before bed than it is to scroll around (even with a blue light filter). It is great to have instant entertainment on you when your train ride home takes nearly an hour, but maybe I can spend it more mindfully.

So for this week, I’m going to set a goal for my self. To truly take a moment and think before reaching for my phone.

I won’t say that I will reduce my phone usage to nearly zero, but am planning on taking a serious look at it. It is a shame that this app doesn’t keep a monthly or yearly record of your usage like my previous one did. But we’ll see if I can keep it to a minimum this week.

Wish me luckā€¦