The Cringe is Real- TikTok Time

I had to do it to them.

I am so sorry everyone, I tried to create the content nobody asked for and nobody wanted. What an experience. I feel like a boomer, the technology was just all too much. How do other people put in several clips and transitions?? I had to Google how to use an app, and thas my official too-old-for-this-shirt realisation. I’ll stick to reliving the glory days of Vine via YouTube compilations. The new trends will pass by via other social media such as YT and Reddit, TikTok is not for me. And after watching my “posts

” if can even call them that, you’ll see why.

I have to admit that I can’t wait to delete the app. I’ve got a Chinese phone and Chinese tablet. I’ve been to China and have used WeChat, yet the TikTok app has given me the most heebie-jeebies of all. That might be due to all the talk in class about privacy and all that jazz but still.

It is also fun to note that I got an ad for DuckDuckGo, so I guess the algorithms work.