Tell me what you use and I will tell who you are

After having a brief look around our Digital Media, Society and Culture website (blogs, if to be precise) and doing a bit of research  I found out that society loves to skip topics which look extremely banal, so in the end, there is almost no information about things which can be extremely important or just fun to know. My today’s blog is dedicated to the topic “How people of different age groups use the Internet”.  There were not so many sources, but I did my best to collect the coolest and most interesting bits to give as a wide overview as possible. I hope this lullaby will not put you to sleep before you finish reading the blog, haha.

So, the first fact that is totally surprising is that the group which uses the Internet most is ages from 25 to 34 (Statistics from 2019). I always thought that teenagers are the ones, who always have phones in front of their faces, but apparently, it is more about young adults. Even people from 35 to 44 use it more than the 18-24 group. That is just mind-blowing!
The group which uses the web to a very limited extent is 65+ but this doesn’t seem surprising.

If we talk about searches on the Internet, people worldwide use Google as the main search system. Young people usually look for both information and things, but most of the time they try to find something free of charge. Mainly it is about games, movies, or music. Teens also click on webpages the advertisements of which they already have seen.
Older generations prefer to look for something specific dedicated to books and traveling. They use the first search results which pop-up and also, which is even more surprising, often search for info by URLs.

So who are you?


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