____ News Central: A Mini Prediction

As usual, I was scrolling through multiple RELIABLE news sources for inspiration for my blog posts, and I stumbled across this article by Business Insider. President Trump wants to start his own news channel (to go against FOX News) after he leaves the White House.

Now, I strongly believe that a few things should be kept to oneself. So, I will try my best to keep my tone as neutral as possible, and to remain partial towards all sides (respect comes first).

Over the past few weeks, I’m very sure that most of us have heard about President Trump’s attempt to call the election “fraud”. Multiple new channels have been trying their best to refute this claim, by repeating the fact that the claim has no base, no grounds and no evidence. Still, his followers remain loyal (makes you wonder why – and maybe even think of cult following, but that’s a completely different topic.)

Imagine what it would be like if he proceeds with this news channel plan.

It’s easy to say: “people will know better than to believe news from that source”.

But in reality, he will most likely only own the agency, but unlikely to run the agency. By running, I mean actually working and investigating news, work that news reporters and journalists do. So, it’s very likely that there will be substantiated news being reported from his news channel.  That said, there’s also the chance that he dictates what kind of news should be on air.

Over time, there’s a real possibility that this news agency will have a significant number of followers. This won’t really be an issue if President Trump remains in the background, and this news company is simply, just another business model. That would be ideal.

But things may go differently. It’s very likely that people who will work there idolizes him. They very well may discount all ethics of journalism, and use this news agency to spread President Trump’s own version of news. It’s a possibility that the “fraud 2020 election” news won’t go away very soon. It is very possible that some people whom he dislikes will receive slanders through unsubstantiated news.  

Again, it is a news agency. Hence, there’s a very real chance that it will still report real, and proven news. This will enhance the status of this agency as a legitimate news agency. This will go on and solidify the agency’s legitimacy and position in the eyes of President Trump’s followers.

Let’s fast forward to 2024, election season. Trump’s News Central (for the lack of a better name) has now been around for two years, and has steadily gained followers. Donald Trump is running for the Presidency again. Just imagine the amount and type of news that’s reported by Trump’s News Central, in hopes to win the election. I can imagine a lot of negative news about his running opponents.

All conjectures aside, the main point about this post is the possibilities of more misinformation to come, not just from this hypothetical news agency, but simply by the divide of society. Each group wants to slander the other, be it in the name of truth or in the name of winning. Fact checking should be a norm for every news agency, and should be encouraged for everyone, no matter the hassle.

If only there’s a way to promote or teach common sense, instead of blind followings.

*These are purely conjectures from my humble opinions. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a different opinion! 🙂