Digital Tools in Fashion

It is pretty clear that the year 2020 was quite chaotic for many industries but for some of them, many doors are opened for experimentation, especially with the digital tools. These industries can be ranged from delivery services to the arts & culture institutes. For example, as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, the mixed reality performance of Marina Abramović is one of these digital improvements in the art world.

When the whole world is (or was, for some other countries) in lockdown, fashion shows didn’t stop and fashion brands began to try out different tools to present their designs to the costumers. In this following TikTok account, I gave three cases from the fashion industry that are using digital tools in their practices: The first one is The Fabric of Reality which is a project by the Fashion Innovation Agency and the second example is The Fabricant, a Duch digital fashion house. The last case is the case of virtual models, which are digital artworks created by programmers.

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