Charity streams or scammity stream

In the last two years, there has been more philanthropic content on all social media platforms. From Mr. Beast giving away millions on all his YouTube channels or a navy vet on Tik Tok because of a broken-down mobility scooter. This makes me ask why? Not a few years prior was pranking or distracts one of the main content consumed by watchers. Mr. Beast has given according to Alien Art Charts[1] January 2021 13,5 million US dollars, and this was before he started his gaming and his philanthropy channel. He created this philanthropy channel as the channel for his charity, which mainly provides communities with supplies and meals. His channels have also grown, with his main channel has grown from 24.4 million subscribers to  70.1 million subscribers.

Mr beast is not the only example of his great charity work, but a lot more content creators are doing charity streams, both on Twitch and YouTube, with charity streams becoming a big part of the content created on twitch. Now is the question of why this has become more popular over the years? And do all these people do it with the right intentions?  One of the reasons charity work has grown so much can be because it is popular content to watch. A lot of content watchers prefer watching something relatively wholesome instead of watching some scripted prank. And when channels such as Mr beast have grown so much because of his charity and giveaway, it also gets pushed by the algorithm.

For example, the latest TikTok celebrity a 79-year-old Navy veteran, Kenny Jary, who got famous after he posted a video of his scooter breaking down. When he released a video about it, it went viral. He had hoped to raise a few hundred bucks, but users had already contributed $5,000 within hours. Kenny now has over 650,000 followers on Twitter. “I didn’t imagine it’d earn a thousand dollars, did I? You’re aware. And, you know, have a look at what occurred famously “he stated The GoFundMe campaign now has over $90,000 on it. Aside from the scooter, Kenny plans to use the funds to pay off debt and assist fellow veterans. That is also a reason why some people do it not because they are interested in charity work but are rather interested in fame. It is also a safe type of subject to make content about, that is also because cancel culture has become more toxic and numerous, and if you are doing charity work it is really hard to get cancelled. It can also be because in the United States when you donate something to a charity you can deduct it from your tax.

Though the motive for charity may not always be pure, it can certainly be perceived that these social platforms are an excellent platform to gather funds for charities. Content creators have a lot of reach to their loyal followers and they also have a better way to get to these followers and an easier way to work together than for example television stations.