Net Navigators journey gone wrong

This Fanfic is an ironic interpretation of typical fan fiction tropes. I think that these tropes are so popular because a lot of people like these things, and they’re also the easiest ways to write a fan fiction. However, I think that a lot of these things are overused and don’t improve the fan fiction itself, and most of the time I personally don’t continue reading fics after certain tropes. This fanfic is about the Net Navigators group trying to shift after a debate on shifting the week before, but instead of ending up in Hogwarts they end up somewhere else. Therefore please enjoy this fanfic and point out the tropes you dislike or like.

Y/n Cassiopeia Dean Jimin Loki Y/Ln walked into arsenaal, wondering on how this week’s class was going to be like. Last week, the class had discussed shifting and its workings. The professor had become so enchanted by the idea of reality shifting, that instead of the regular course work, in this week’s class the entire class would shift together.

You walked into your classroom and looked around, there were fewer people than last week. Would those people have listened to the warning that your classmate have given last week? In the last class, your classmate had said that shifting without an experienced professional could lead to a significant danger. The professor, you, and many others had shrugged this warning off, but apparently, some had headed the warning.

You sat down at one desk on the left side of the beamer and pulled out your Y/Fc  water bottle. A few minutes later the professor, wearing a teddy bear onesie, walked in. “Good afternoon everyone, I hope you’re all well-rested and have had a pleasant lunch?” he said. We all knotted. One student raised their hand. “Professor, I had a question about the script we are going to use today, I was wondering to which location we are going? Because it was not in the script.” The professor answered, “I thought it was clear from the script that we are going to shift to Hogwarts, seeing as that is one of the most popular options to shift to.”  You could hear some excitement coming from your fellow students. 

The professor walked over to the teacher’s desk and plugged his computer Ito the monitor. He turned on the script and the radio wave music. “Let’s start guys, first close your eyes.” You closed your eyes but was too irritated by the music so you glared through your lashes to see what your fellow students were doing. Some of them were looking really calm , others seem to get excited and one other was doing the same as you. The professor walked through the room seeing if every one was relaxed and having there eyes closed

“Breath in, …… breath out.”

“This exercise will only work if every one closes their eyes and joins the experience.” He said calmly. Seeing that we both caved and closed our eyes, he finally put up the real shifting track. The voice on track was very soft and gentle.

“Breath in, …… breath out.”

“ I now want you to continue this breathing pattern for me.”

Now it is a bit tiring to only breath in and out for the next minute on just this buzzing noise. 

“Now, we will slowly count down together from 100 to 1.”


“100” everyone was softly participating































“68”  You hear less people count the numbers
































“36” Your eyes tear up and the numbers start to sound lower









“27” the numbers are becoming softer, and you’re hatly hearing anything























“4” you could hardly hear anything any more just the sound of your hart as your eyes completely shut 





It felt like your entire existence went black, there was no sound, no light, everything was black. The space surrounding you felt very heavy, but then suddenly it felt like you were flying. There was suddenly sound surrounding you, and you could feel the light touching your skin. You felt a chilly breeze on your skin. You could open your eyes, but when opening, it costs a lot of time before you had adjusted to the light coming from the sun. 

When your eyes had finally adjusted, there was a giant brick wall in front of you. Wow could you finally have arrived at Hogwarts. You turn around to your classmates. Your classmates looked more shocked than excited. You then start looking around, you see the buildings; they look more middle 16th-century architecture with a lot of wood including in th build. You then take a few steps back and start looking to the wall it is not a wall representing Hogwarts but more something resembling a city wall. 

But because of the sudden mix of Dutch and Spanish, you realize that you have not shifted to the magical world of Harry Potter, but to the dangerous and real life world Leidsch Ontzet.

You look around your classmates, their clothes had also changed from what they had worn into something of their former clothing that resembles 16th century clothing. Your teacher’s onesie for example had turned into a nobleman’s suit with a colour but still in the same fabric and pattern. You then wondered where your fellow net navigators had ended up. You try to turn on your phone, and it didn’t have any connection, and where and mostly when have you ended up.