Thoughts on digital transformation

Digital transformation has transformed the world as we know it. The rapidly evolving human construct is ever-changing due to digitalization and all things digital. We currently live in a world that is replacing the human monotonous tasks such as being a bank teller or an art gallery curator with an artificial intelligence program or software. These will help you with all your banking needs and will also store your art collections virtually on a cloud server. All these programs will store all of our information externally in a neutral site. Not only collecting more and more valuable pieces but also collecting Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which would be the art collections of the future. Mostly for those who are more progressive and forward-thinking of 3D physical assets versus assets that you can’t see or touch. For them, the intangible assets will be of value due to their rarity in digital form. 

Beeple, The First Emoji. Part of Everydays

These technologies of the future are here today due to the human innovation and ideation that has made it all possible. The replacement of a human attendant with a robot or a human-created being that can do the same tasks without it being a life form, can be static. The advantage of it is that it could be controlled from another geography while excelling at all tasks which it is programmed for especially customer service skills which many humans find difficult to perform for a long sustained period of time. Humanity is evolving and changing into something more mechanical and methodical with less margin for error and more precise movements and transactions. The human eye is not as advanced as that with some sort of optical reinforcement in the shape of binoculars or augmented reality. In a similar way, the digitalization efforts have shaped the world to be a better version of itself by cutting corners and taking away the humanity of it all to save industries millions each year by modernization efforts but to what cost. There is always a cost to innovation and the advancement of society and in this scenario, the biggest cost of it all can be humanity itself. 

The Sophia Robot. Courtesy of Hanson Robotics

Imagine, we have advanced as a civilization for millennia and evolved languages, religions, ways of thinking, art, culture…etc and now this is all being challenged by the digital age and the replacement of what is physical and verbal to what is housed in an API or via coding. Thousands of years of human thought and philosophy could be lost to a powerful computer or data frame somewhere housing the world’s knowledge all around. How will future generations be taught at schools? Will there be schools? Will computers be able to replicate human emotion, sentiments, and thought? Or will we be merely replicated blankly into a group no different than another culture or nationality not sharing similar values or even superstitions or beliefs. The digital transformation has begun but we must work hand in hand with the engineers and those building the new world to give thought and value in the old and not replace it entirely but instead merge them both together in a better model going forward. Imagine the conflicts we would be able to solve and the ideas we will be able to build upon.