Movie Mania (pt. 1): The Social Dilemma

Review Film: Dokumenter The Social Dilemma - raraview
Photo: The Social Dilemma

Grace and Unnur come together once again to bring you some more delicious ear candy. This time in the form of a brand new two-parter podcast series where they will discuss movies related to social media and how realistically they convey the story. In this first part they discuss Netflix’s docu-drama “The Social Dilemma”, surely anyone with access to Netflix has already injected this mind-boggling film into their eyes at some point. Along with discussing the message the movie presents of the dangers of social media, Grace and Unnur also tap into the mise-en-scène of it and how the movie uses it to convey its message.
Warning: The episode contains spoilers of the film…you’ve been warned, now go listen.


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