The end of the 2000-2010s vlogging era

After a day of classes and studying in high school there was nothing I enjoyed more than coming home and watching YouTube. More specifically, checking what new video’s were uploaded daily by some of the most-well known youtubers/vloggers of my teenage years. Back in the days I could easily spend up to 2-3 hours daily simply watching what other people did during the day. Right now, as I am trying to cut down my social media usage, I find it unbelievable that I could simply spend so many hours  just looking at what other people do in their lives. With this blog I would like to bring back some memories to you from the time of famous youtubers.

Its stars are multi-millionaires: YouTube’s highest earner in 2019 was an eight-year-old called Ryan, who netted $26m

Chris Stokel-Walker | The Guardian

Youtuber types

There were, and still are, tons of videos and youtubers online on YouTube and they all posted very different content from each other. There were the game youtubers, such as PewDiePie who is actually the most famous youtuber of all time, with a current total of 110 million subscribers. Despite the fact he gets less viewers nowadays in comparison to the past years, all his recent videos still reach about 2-4 million viewers. There are the family vloggers who vlog their private life regularly, including the lives of their kids! Next to this, there are beauty vloggers, such as Nikki Tutorials and Michelle Phan. Simply put, they talk about hair, make-up and clothing. This was for sure the type of youtuber I watched the most during my teen years. Also, I enjoyed watching prank videos on YouTube, like the youtuber Joe Sugg. Can you believe that 11 million people watched a youtuber hide in a box just to scare his roommate?

Joe Sugg’s prank video:

The 2000-2010s on YouTube

The 2000s-2010s knew many great and popular youtubers. These people were able to make large amounts of money with their videos and often ended up creating their own merch and setting up brands. However, despite their success in the past, many youtubers are not (regularly) posting anymore on YouTube. Many simply grew up: they started a family and wish to have more privacy. I personally also think most of their viewers grew up and started watching less YouTube, resulting in having less of a hardcore group of viewers. Some youtubers left and have returned to their old accounts a few years later. Especially during covid-lockdowns, more people came back to YouTube as a form of entertainment. Nevertheless, the years of fame seem to be over for those who try to make a come-back to the website. Other says many youtubers got less viewers and ended up quitting YouTube completely after YouTube changed its interests. With the coming of streaming services, such as Netflix, YouTube had a new type of competition and therefore changed its algorithm to longer videos, rather than looking at the number of views per video. Next to this, due to a change in the algorithm adds were removed from videos, resulting in less income for youtubers. This was the moment many youtubers realised they could not life off of YouTube forever and had to find new sources of income. It seems that the best of YouTube and the best years for youtubers are over.

Despite not watching as much YouTube as I did a few years ago, I still find myself being on the website quite a lot. However, the type of videos I watch have changed. From beauty youtubers and daily vloggers to videos on university courses related topics, recipes and Russian language videos. What are the videos you watched during your teen years and did the content you watch change over the years?


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