Let’s Chat a Bit: Our second episode is now on air!

At the beginning of October, Kyra and I created and published the first episode of our short podcast series “Let’s Chat a Bit”. During the first episode, we shared our first impressions on cryptocurrency, chatted on some interesting news about the crypto world, and in the end, invested in two different currencies as an experiment for our podcast series.

On our brand new episode, we are coming with new topics! In this second episode, we learned (well, it is mostly me asking and Kyra answering 😉 ) about bear and bull markets, discussed more news about cryptocurrency, and the most exciting part: we gave updates on how our investments are now doing! We will not give any spoilers, but you will want to hang around till the end of the episode to learn more. Get a warm cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy our full of laughter, new episode!

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