Online Community?

I have to admit that this post was started very last minute and it is brainstorming on a topic – online communities. I have tried to start a blog many times inspired by other people who quickly decide to share what is on their minds. Usually what was coming out is similar to this post, personal brainstorming on a topic that nobody but me is interested in. But, this one is at least on a creative topic, and I think it could be worse.

Even though we live in a time where everyone can share their thoughts in so many different ways, where art, music, science and other disciplines merge and are available to many people, I often feel completely unable to create content. Calling it content already makes me feel anxious. One reason is that my inner critique and insecurities do not allow me to trust that whatever I do, good or bad could be judged and liked. So here are three things I have been contemplating and would trust could be interesting topics for a discussion.

Trust. How much do we trust in people, without seeing them?

Many people write/talk about the insecurities that Social Media, influencers and a variety of toxic trends are getting under our skin. For me, to a point, where I decided to do a Social media “cleanse”, ironically. After seeing so much content, I figured that I often do not trust people about what they would think about my writing or other work. Instead of owning what I think and letting it flow up or to the bottom of the sea of information, I do not allow others to be themselves and judge my works as they can/want/are. One thing about the toxic positivity ideologies circling, that I appreciate, is that things get so radical sometimes, that they make me think and want to engage not as mindlessly as many others. I critically look at other people’s work and support and appreciate them. Why can’t I trust that other people would do the same?


Trust comes with a sense of community. Or at least this is what I am starting to believe. I have followed a few artists over the platform Patreon, particularly musicians and artists. Some with 15,000 followers and patrons and some with 1 – only me. It is fascinating to see how the artists with 15K supporters (not only followers, people who pledge a sum every time this person makes a thing) manage to find someone to hold them and share their thoughts and pains. This happens both ways. The artist is open and reads, talks and listens to people in this same community. They make a massive bond through their art, and instead of keeping it all good and bad for themselves, they also give it all out so others can relate. Isn’t it obvious some might say? For me this is confusing. This communal experience happens online, and it is beautiful, but I can’t feel like belonging or trusting within the still. So I guess my community search is still going online and offline.

I am curious about what online communities are there now and around me. Where do most people dwell in their free time? I will probably continue on this topic in the next post.