Podcast: Digital Soundscape Episode 2 – digital sound from personal to public(by Annabel, Augustina)

As we introduced in the last episode, “the podcast series Digital Soundscape consists of 5 different episodes, which aim to offer deeper insights into digital sounds generated in/by digital space. With team members Annabel, Augustina, Cara,  Viktoria, and Jiyoung, we use our five different episodes as an ongoing conversation.”

QUICK RECAP: Cara, Viktoria and Jiyong talked about the scientific ontology of digital sound and discussed about some examples of digital sounds on an individual level and how they influence people’s life and mentality.

In this second episode, Annabel and I(Augustina) pick up the question raised in episode 1: What kind of digital sounds do you encounter daily? Developed from our own observations, we talked about those digital sounds on the public level of urban life mostly unnoticed in daily life as digital and with both psychological and sociological influence in our daily experience. For example, the sound effect of the traffic lights🚦, or “Mosquito alarms”(high-frequency ambient sounds) that is used by hospitals to keep teenagers away. Our reflection on the phenomena of those digital sounds naturally led to what makes the relationship between sound and psyche and society fundamentally different, compared to the pre-digital age.

Finally, we discussed sounds which have referents to organic sounds, which are called auditory icons and examples are given in a sound collage by Annabel. Augustina reflected on the differences between the digital sound and its real referent and asks the question of whether a feature of the digital age is digital sound without a referent, such as techno music. We look forward to how the group answers in the next podcast!]

Digital Soundscape: Episode 2

Hope everyone enjoy our podcast and see you at our third episode~

Production List:
  • Producer: Viktoria
  • Concent and speaker: Annabel, Augustina
  • Sound resources: Annabel, Augustina
  • Editing: Annabel, Augustina