Video: The act of cleaning, sound art made out of 4 commercial videos from Youtube

This project stemmed from the question of how digital media can be the source of art materials.

Digital media as an art material

The Act of Cleaning * This soundpiece of the video is part of the Music and Technology class final project

Since digital media is ubiquitously embedded in our daily life, Artists actively examine the digital media landscape and incorporate its feature into their work. The scope of artworks relating to digital media is wide and broad, ranging from using digital media as a platform to using it as a subject of their work.

Wait! If you want to know more about art works rleating to Digital media, here is the link for more infos. 
1. Digital & Media Art
2. Errik Kessel
3. Creative Coding as an artistic practice for artists and designers

As a student who studies fine art, I am also interested in how digital media can be part of my art practices. Here, the project <The Act of Cleaning ver 2> started with the question of if digital media content can be the main source of my work. With the question, I decided to re-make the sound part from the video the Act of Cleaning made in 2021.

The Act of cleaning – Sound part

During one of my classes called, Music and Technology, I was intrigued by the fact that technological development allows people to make music without actual instruments. I was chewing on the fact over and over, and here, my idea comes up, what if I only use existing digital sounds existing on youtube and make some sound pieces out of them?

Here, I chose 4 commercial videos on youtube and extracted sound from there.

Wait! are you curious which youtube video that I used? 
1. Mc donald commercial advertisement
2. Ferrero Rocher commercial advertisement
3. Lindor commercial advertisement 
4. Starbucks commercial advertisement 

All the videos are from the multinational corporation’s commercial advertisement which represents hyper-consumerist capitalism, seducing viewers to desire what they present.

By rearranging the sequence of the sounds from the 4 videos, I completely distorted all sounds. Eventually, It is not recognizable if the sound is from which brand anymore. By doing so, I create something completely new out of these 4 sounds.

The act of cleaning – Visual part

Still shot of the video The Act of Cleaning

The original video, titled The Act of Cleaning, is about how natural phenomena of one’s body become the target of one’s hyper-awareness, which leads to hyper-control over the body.

The video mainly consists of two parts, the first part shows butter melting down in front of the camera and the other part shows butter being absorbed into the clothes. The butter, which is taking up space, is constantly melting, and, as a result, is grubby and sticky. This is a visual metaphor for how I see my body.

With the sound sources that I extracted from the digital media, I want to connect the discording relationship with my body to the commercialized ‘perfect body’ which often media(or commercial advertisement) depicts as desirable.

I want the sound pieces. that I made, to add a more dark ambient atmosphere to the sound as well as the conceptual layer, the fact that these sounds are extracted from the commercial ads, to the video.

Art and digital media

With my personal interest, during this course Digital Media and Society, I was researching a lot the link between art and digital media. Here, I see this project The Act of cleaning as the visual result of my research. If you have any feedback or comment about the work that I made, please feel free to share with me!

I am also curious to know more about artworks using digital media actively.