NFT, Beeple, and Digital art – Part 1


We will be looking at NFT’s from an art historical framework. We sadly lost the first podcast and had to retake the first part and lost a lot of extra discussions we have had. We apologise if this version seems a bit more compact, there was so much to share!

In part two we will be joined by Dennis and look more into the art historic canon.


This series is created by: Alec Broekhuizen (S3018598), Bianca Bergami (s3300471), and Dennis Hooiveld (s3248518)


The NFT Has Changed Artists. Has it Changed Art? – The New York Times (

What are NFTs? Who is Beeple? A digital art craze explained – Los Angeles Times (

(I could not find the same source on Wikipedia, they updated the page. The article from LA times pretty much highlights in part what we have discussed, the aformentioned also contains a short zoom call with Sam Dean who explains the craze)