A day in the digital: Spend the day with me and my bestie (iPhone)

Wake up lazy bu**!!! Your phone alarm is vibrating. This is the first thing my brain think about every morning… I wish I were Barbie, so I got up with a Lizzo song.

Every night in my normal life I set up my alarm, so I don’t stay in bed the whole next morning. As you can imagine the first thing I see when I open my eyes is my wonderful iPhone vibrating and doing a noisy noise. Of course, my life continues by having a fast look at my social media, Instagram, Twitter or X, as you want to call it. Then I answer my Good morning sunshine that my mum always texts me by WhatsApp.

I’m living now in a new country; I have just been here for 3 weeks, so I need something to cheer my life up…I play that Lizzo song I love so much on Spotify so I feel a bit like Barbie in the morning. Let’s check the weather app to choose today’s outfit!! 20º degrees OMG I love you Leiden. After taking a cold shower and having a nice breakfast I need to go to class but, I told you I’m new in the city… I don’t know how to get to Campus so I take my wonderful iPhone out to check Google Maps and get the right way, so I don’t crash my bike with a car.

Okaaay, I’m in Campus now but…which was the number of my class? Was it 0.02 or 0.01?? I don’t remember, then what do I check? My marvellous iPhone, my uni app and now I know it was 0.02. I just realised something you didn’t expect, the class is not on Lipsius building, it’s on Matthias de Vrieshof and where is this new building?? I’ve never been there. Okay, let’s check the map the professor sent me through my email instead of asking anyone just in case they are just as lost as me.

Half of the morning has passed and now my laptop doesn’t have battery because I have been using it in class writing the most important on Word, I’m lucky that I took my tablet to continue taking notes, because a notebook is too old fashioned.

Time to go home, but it’s Friday and its already late so let’s order some food on Uber Eats to arrive at the same time as me 😊 Pizza for today sounds amazing! It’s a shame I don’t have a TV on my room, but no worries let’s plug the laptop on and watch something on Netflix while I enjoy my lovely meal.

Finally, the day is over, but guess what? My astonishing iPhone doesn’t have battery after the whole day using it to wake me up, for information about the weather, to play some music, to locate myself in my new city, to buy some food… and a lot of more things I can think of.

The society needs technology to keep the future going on but sometimes we over use them, at the end of the day I appreciate I can communicate with my family by phone or find the way back home on Google maps; however, I also suffer from a headache of being the whole day looking at my screens, also I dislike not learning the way back home because I can always rely on my phone, but what would have happen if your alarm doesn’t sound a morning, or if instead of checking the weather app you just look over the window?? Nothing!! but nowadays everyone prefers to do the easiest, relying on technologies for day-to-day stuff.