Viral Sensations of Aliens – Hoax or Scientific Discovery?

Mexico’s recent findings have sparked a huge online debate. It is about the two ‘alien corpses’ revealed by the Mexican congress on 12 September. For many people, it became evidence that aliens truly exist. However skeptics and even scientists have voiced concerns regarding deception. Could this be fuel for a new conspiracy theory?

(Credits: Henry Romero from Reuters)

Living in the digital era is akin to wielding a double edged sword. It is a benefit that all kinds of information is accessible and everyone can share their thoughts with each other, but it is also a breeding ground for fake information. Anyone can make claims, create theories and fabricate narratives that can quickly gain traction. Mexico’s aliens have not been debunked yet, and there are many people who attempt to prove that Mexico’s findings are real. Even going as far as claiming that governments want to keep this secret from the general public, which leads to an increase of distrust towards governments. Others see this as a new opportunity to joke about, just like how the meme “Area 51” developed.

“Area 51” is also subjected to conspiracy theories related to extraterrestrial intelligence. It is a highly classified U.S. military facility in the middle of nowhere. The meme “Area 51” became popular when people started making jokes about the conspiracy theories. These theories claim that Area 51 is super-secret and hidden in the middle of nowhere because it is connected to aliens.

The virality of conspiracy theories means that it reaches anyone globally within moments, which makes it increasingly challenging to separate fiction from facts. In the case of Mexico’s recent findings, it is more complex, because their congress is involved and actually published these findings to the public. It lends an air of legitimacy to the assertion and has a greater influence globally in terms of believability.

I personally believe that the congress of Mexico fabricated evidence for personal gains. It might have been just a stunt to draw more attention to themselves as Global News states. They claim to have found these “Alien corpses” in Peru, which arises a lot of questions. How did it end up in Mexico? Why is Mexico publishing it? Why was the Peruvian ambassador not invited? The situation seems fishy to me and I am not the only one. Many scientists stated that it is fabricated and that those corpses are more likely ancient mummified humans with deformities. Every government in the world has its own motivations and Mexico is no different. What is even more interesting is that the one who presented it to the world, Jaime Maussan, has his claims been debunked many times in the past. Maussan is also known for being an “UFO enthusiast”. The likelihood is high that he wants to prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings. It is just a matter of time before this also gets debunked.