Aliens in the age of Social Media: A closer look at the recent Mexican UFO hearing

In the realm of unexplained phenomena, UFO sightings have always piqued human curiosity and imagination. Recently, I came across a video about a UFO hearing in Mexico, they allegedly had proof of extraterrestrial life in the form of two alien corpses. Thanks to social media this was immediatly picked up and shown with no regard of actual evidence and any research. This alll resulted in me going down a rabbit hole of Aliens and UFO sightings and the influence of social media on all of this.

A video talking about these alien corpses.

The Mexican UFO Hearing: A Glimpse into Alien Speculation

The recent Mexican UFO hearing resulted in quite a few reports being written. Some copying whatever was told with no regard to actual evidence, while others dissected these claim and showed that the researcher who discovered these corpses, had previously tried to convice the world that he had found aliens corpses. It was discovered that these previous findings were put together corpses, containing human and animal bones, covered with fake skin. This combined with the fact that other researchers are not allowed to do simple DNA testing, it is leaning heavily towards the fact that these claims were made up.

The impact of social media on UFO sightings over the years

Digital media has significantly impacted how we perceive and share UFO sightings, or as recently renamed by NASA UPA sightings (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena). Social media platforms, YouTube, and other online outlets provide a vast stage for UFO-related content. Photos and videos can be easily edited, making it challenging to distinguish between authentic sightings and cleverly crafted hoaxes. Furthermore, digital advancements in image manipulation and computer-generated imagery (CGI) allow for the creation of compelling visual effects. This makes it increasingly challenging to separate fact from fiction, adding a layer of complexity to the UFO discourse. It is however interesting to note that, despite the fact that generating and editing images has never been easier, sightings per year are on a decline.

Data from NUFORC

As a closing note (and in my personal opinion this is just a great video) just think about the fact that, to find aliens all we really have to do is look outside and look at all the species living on earth.