Contactless payments with your phone

Since when don’t you take out your wallet to take some cash and pay whatever? In my case, I just take my wallet to take my ID when I need it. So, I thought it was a good idea to reflect on this. Today I’m going to talk about payments that we make with our devices and their consequences.

Trends change and technology comes into our lives to make it easier, we just need to use them correctly. It is really easy when you go to the university café shop and buy a latte macchiato; you just bring up your phone and bring it closer to the card reader. You don’t have to open your bag, take your wallet, count the coins, and give them to the waiter. Yes, this is true that is easier, but we are getting used to this and does it have good or bad consequences?


I would say it has advantages and disadvantages. For example, it is easier, and faster to pay, and you don’t need to bring your wallet to every place you go. Sometimes when I am in a rush and I go out with a bag different from yesterday’s I forget my wallet is in the other one so I don’t have it when I’m out, but there is no problem, I still have money and can pay everything with my phone.

But talking now about the disadvantages one related to what I just mentioned that comes to my mind is that you don’t realize how much money you are paying. You don’t have cash so you don’t realize how much money are you spending a day, I used to go out with an amount of cash money and then I couldn’t waste more because I literally didn’t have more, another one is when we bring our device closer to the card reader; when I pay with my credit card I have to enter my pin code, however, when I pay with my phone I authorize the payment with my face id, and there was a day that I was buying a water bottle that was 1 euro, I ended paying 100 euros because the man in the shop pressed the zeros unconsciously. I pressed to pay, my phone recognized my face, and I didn’t see the card reader screen, so I didn’t realize, I just saw the notification on my phone, and I told him, so he gave me 99 euros back. This was me being lost in that moment and the guy was nice to me, but this can happen to anyone anytime wherever. There are these devices that people bring near purses and activate the contactless payment of any device you may have ad can be your smart watch, phone, tablet…

You can also run out of battery and then you don’t have any way to pay for whatever, this can be life-saving because you might have to take public transport and don’t have money, or if you have to buy some urgent medicines you also can’t do it because, again, your phone is dead, as these may examples come to my mind.

So, yeah contactless payment with your phone is advantageous but it’s not, you just have to use it carefully and always have some cash with you, just in case something happens.