Digital Diary: Episodes 1 & 2

I asked my dear friend to have a conversation with me (do a podcast) about the aspects of digital life. Things that made me overthink because sometimes I feel confused, concerned but also curious about digital nonsense that affects our daily lives.

These two podcast episodes are excerpts from this private conversation. I hope our confused insights serve as entertainment, inspiration or source of cringe. My friend has consented to the recording prior to it taking place.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Image credits:

  • The Garden of Mischief  by Dani Choi
  • Levitation Worlds by Jaime Zuverza
  • Eyeball Man Needs a Break by Arizona Snowman
  • The Explosion from Robert Frondozio’s archive
  • TVs from the Personal Illustrations of Matthew Jorde

Non-copyrighted sound resources:


Guest Speaker (a.k.a friend): Maria


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