Today I’m here to talk about the fever of the podcasts. Have you ever heard of this trend? Well, in case you haven’t it’s people who gather together and start talking about a topic, this conversation is recorded and later uploaded to a platform such as YouTube or Spotify.

This is a thing that is becoming so popular now that even our professors in this course gave us the chance to start working with it.

I listen to all types of podcasts because there is such a big variety of topics where they discuss many things, I prefer the ones that are not just one person talking and talking but the ones that are interviews. Mostly, I listen to Spanish podcasts but I’m looking for new ones in English to improve my vocabulary and skills with the language now that I must use it daily. So, if you have any recommendations, please write them in the comments section.

I love this podcast that is made by two friends where they discuss trending topics. Their names are Carlos Peguer and Mariang. The name of their podcast/channel is “La pija y la quinqui” which can be translated into English as “The posh and the punky”; so, judging them by their name you can imagine the topics they discuss are not so serious, they deal with special topics with humour and that’s the reason why I like them. One great podcast they have is one they did during the election week for the Spanish president. They interviewed the president at that moment, which was the one that won the election again and it was a special interview. The president went that week to several programs to promote himself, but these are the traditional TV programs everyone watches. This special podcast was a chance for him to attract young people who might not be so into politics and are not used to watching traditional programs. I remember everyone in my uni was talking about this podcast and listening to it, they discussed topics as if he was a Taylor Swift fan or about the playlists he has on his Spotify, and the interviewer told him his music taste was like the one from a depressed homosexual.

Another type of podcast I normally listen to is the one talking about translation, which is my bachelor’s about. My favorite one is “Traduespresso”, which is made to be listened to in the morning while you drink a coffee, or you have breakfast.

The last type of podcasts that I listen to are the ones that talk about the news of the day. There is one that I try to listen to every morning while I’m washing my face, washing my teeth, and getting my tea ready and it’s called “A.M.”, the speakers post their chapter every morning at 7 AM, so that is where the name comes from, this one was a recommendation from my professor in my university and it’s very helpful because the news is updated and it’s a great way to start the day.

I believe podcasts are the future to inform people, you can listen to them everywhere, but I also think it’s not such a new thing, radio talks are the same but just broadcast through the radio channel. My parents used to listen to the radio talks and now I’m listening to podcasts which are the exact same thing.