Showing your true colors

Last week, we entered the last month of the year. It is a month to reflect, get together, and share presents, stories, and experiences. December is known for the three S’es which are a traditional part of the 12th month. 

I will let you think…

Photo via Freepik

You probably already guessed two of them: Sinterklaas (here in the Netherlands) and Santa Claus.

You might have guessed the third one already, too: Spotify Wrapped.

Every year, Instagram is divided into two camps: those who love seeing other’s Wrap Ups, and those who dislike them a lot and shout about how much no one cares from their online rooftops. (I will not start the discussion about how telling others that it is not something anyone cares about, actually makes it very clear everyone cares about it, but some in a negative way and others in a positive.)  

I belong to the first group. I love seeing the Wrap Ups from others and I also enjoy looking into mine. Personally, I think the music I listened to that year says so much about how I experienced that year: what hyped me up on one hand and got me through it on another. For me, I think music says so much about us, about our feelings and character. It is a way of showing your true colors. Since I like seeing other’s Wrap Ups, I also share mine. To make the metaphor of ‘showing your true colors’ more concrete: out of the color options for the layout that Spotify gives you (orange, purple, yellow, green, dark purple, and black), I chose orange :-).  

The very last slide of the Wrapped Up on Spotify gives you the option to share a summary of your Wrapped, including the number of minutes you listened to music on Spotify, the Top 5 artists you listened to, and the Top 5 songs you listened to that year. 

To me, Spotify seemed like the most real social medium (I consider Spotify a social medium since you can add friends and see what your friends listen to, also in real-time), since I listen to what I like and want to hear at that moment. But then, a friend of mine told me about this friend she spoke to who turns on ‘Private Session’ on a regular basis when she listens to music other people might find awful or ‘not cool’. I never thought about doing this, even though I do know this function exists. It made me wonder about how real this social medium actually is, as I find it hard to make a guess about how many people use this function on a regular basis. If that is the case, Spotify Wrapped is everything but a realistic representation of the music someone enjoys listening to (and getting to know someone better via the music that appears in their Spotify Wrapped becomes hard, if not undoable). 

It made me wonder: how many of you knew this function called ‘Private Session’ (which means that Spotify does not register what you listen to during this session and won’t include the music you listen to during that session in your Wrapped) and how many of you use it regularly?