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I’m sure you have different albums created by yourself on your phone. You went on a weekend trip and on your way back you start selecting all the photos you made to put them all together in an album, so it will be easier for you when you want to look for some of them or just go through them to live your memories.

As quoted on this research paper posting these days is a thing everyone does and it’s increasing with the years:

According to a recent national survey in Britain, the rate of posting photos online has increased from 53% in 2011 to 64% in 2013 and looking at photos has become the most frequent online leisure activity, surpassing listening to music. (Dutton et al., 2013)

Now it is trending to make albums on your Instagram accounts. You go on a trip and then you post a recap post tagging your friends or make highlights as if an album it was. I even have a profile called belenaz_holanda where I just post about my life here in the Netherlands, I just accept closer friends there. There are 2 reasons why I do this; the first one is for them to see how I live here because I like them to know how I am and the second one is for me to have a place where I store all my videos and photos in one place. So, in a few years, I will be able to log in to that account and see everything.

Highlights on my Instagram account from my last trips.

Exposing yourself

Some studies affirm that exposing your pictures on social media can lead to others imagining how your personality is. Which cover you use for your videos, or how long have you been a Facebook user can determine your first impression on others. This can be harmful; imagine you meet someone randomly and you give each other Instagram profiles, next day you start looking at his/her socials and he looks like the perfect person for you…then you meet in person and you realize you idealized that person because he/she has a lot of pictures traveling and a lot of his/her dog. But we are not always who we show on social media, those pictures are just what we want others to see. Not all influencers have a happily ever after life. Selena Gomez recently shared on their social media she was struggling with some mental health issues even though if you look ate her Instagram now she seems the happiest person on earth.


We are not aware of where these pictures are stored. We just post them as if we make an album in real life with printed photos. To have all our memories together in an easy place to find them. But these pictures go to the Internet, and they stay there forever, in this case in the Instagram database. So, if something happens these private photos could go viral because you agreed with their policy of letting them possess it. Even if we create an account and we want it to be deleted in 10 years we might not remember the password, so this will be a future problem.

Companies can look at your social media to decide if they hire you or if they don’t. According to this web page, they normally check LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and WhatsApp. Twitter is one of the most difficult one as normally people talk about their own opinions, or don’t even talk, they just like other’s posts which can tell companies a lot from you.

So be careful with what you post, do everything you feel like at every moment, but always know the possible future consequences.

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