How celebrities ‘normalize’ normal things?

We all know how big influence celebrities have on society. They can determine what we buy and when we buy it. Basically, they are trend setters. 

In the age of social media, specifically TikTok, they not only influence our shopping habits but also our behaviors. They can also be the explanation behind them.

Mama said it was okay

Do you know the band Lukas Graham? Their song from 2014 called Mama said started trending on TikTok in 2021. Or at least some part of it. 

During the first verse ‘out to play ball so we could ruin them’ user shows or gives a text explaining a scenario that some people might find weird or not socially acceptable. When the lyrics ‘when mama said it was okay/ mama said it was quite alright’ they show a complication of photos or videos that show that maybe their actions are acceptable. 

Many videos with this snippet are trending, and if I wanted to talk about all categories, not even videos, of these TikToks I would probably have to write a book. 

So here I want to focus on just one type, using videos and photos of celebrities to explain our habits.

Adam Sandler is a fashion icon.

Okay, I think we all know Adam Sandler’s style. If not here are some examples:

His style can be described as comfy, oversized, and is even called the Adam Sandler style. He became an icon for many, even though he hasn’t done anything special or revolutionary. He is JUST wearing normal clothes outside of the house, not only for walks and errands but also for social events, such as red carpets. 

Are you really going out dressed like that?

In this video by imperfectmom4 we see her wearing clothes similar in style to what Adam Sandler wears, that is about to walk out of her house with a text above her saying ‘are you really going out dressed like that?’. She continues her video by showing pictures of Adam Sandler being out and about looking very casual. 

She used him as an example of dressing comfy and not so put together on a daily basis to show that what she is wearing is normal and people do it all the time. But why did she even fell the need to explain herself. Well, people, especially women, are expected from society to look good at all times, and when they don’t, they get questions such as the one above. So, the author of the video had to use an example of a celebrity to normalize something completely normal. With this trend she answered the question many people probably ask her when she’s going out.