Taylor Swift or Kanye West?: Unhealthy celebrity obsessions.

The phenomenon of fans overlooking or even emulating the mistakes of celebrities is a complex aspect of celebrity obsession. These celebrities celebrated for their talents and achievements, often become role models for millions of impressionable fans, whose admiration can spiral into intense and sometimes even dangerous obsessions that can damage the fans and the artists themselves.

  • kanye west:

Kanye West, a dominant figure in the music industry, is a perfect example of celebrity obsession. His musical talent, innovative and influential sounds, and outspoken nature have gathered a very dedicated following of fans. This adoration however can transform into an unhealthy fixation that blurs the line between admiration and blind following. Kanye west is no stranger to controversy take for example the Taylor Swift VMA incident in 2009 or even his more recent seemingly anti-Semitic remarks. These actions still don’t stop some fans from finding themselves defending his actions, or even emulating his behaviour while being seemingly oblivious to the potential harm or criticism.

  • Taylor swift:

While very different music wise, Taylor swift and Kanye west share a ton of similarities when it comes to their fanbases. Taylor Swift has also cultivated a massive following known as Swifties whose loyalty to their favourite artist is known for going beyond just enjoying her music. They passionately defend her against any and all perceived wrongdoings or criticisms, even when these might be valid claims. While this hive-mind mentality of defending your favourite creator does create a sense of community, This level of commitment can also create toxic an deven dangerous behaviour when the defence of a Taylor Swift or a Kanye west becomes more important than respecting differing opinions.

  • unfit role models

Celebrities often find themselves unintentionally placed on a pedestal as role models for their fans but they are not always capable of bearing that responsibility and they may lack proper knowledge or guidance that young fans think they possess. Emulation of the behaviour of unfit celebrities is very concerning, especially among impressionable young audiences. These fans might replicate controversial actions or attitudes of their favourite celebs without fully understanding what these actions mean or the consequences that can follow; And when die-hard fans rush to defend or ignore these controversial actions every chance they get, it creates an environment where problematic behaviour is justified, simply overlooked or even replicated.

Furthermore, The pressure placed on celebrities to fulfill the role model persona can be detrimental to both the celebrities themselves and their fans. Celebrities are human too and are prone to making mistakes and misjudging situations like any of us but the public’s expectation for perfection can stress and mental health issues.

  • conclusion

In conclusion, while the admiration for celebrities like Kanye West and Taylor Swift can certainly be a testament to their influence and impact, the phenomenon of celebrity obsession can go much further than simple adoration, blurring the line between admiration and obsession and leading to toxic behaviour and a disregard for personal boundaries.

It is very important to appreciate and even celebrate the talent and contributions of celebrities and having a favourite artist is not an inherently bad thing, but if we allow this admiration to turn into a obsession that harms both the idol and the fan, it becomes a problem. Acknowledging the humanity of celebrities and that they are capable of making mistakes without blindly defending their actions are essential steps toward a better and healthier relationship with our favourite icons.