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Digital Discussions Episode 10

Episode 10: Creative Bondage in Digital Phenomena This the tenth episode of our podcast titled ‘Digital Discussions’, in which we discuss topics about the digital, humanities, and digital humanities. As the host of this episode, Emma introduces a discussion about differences between ‘classical’ and digital in art, artspaces, artistic approval and artistic standards. How does art and it’s creation develop in the…

Yes, I’m hot in this, and more Islamic cartoons on Instagram

Yes, I’m hot in this is a webcomic (and a book we can buy off bol.com) written by the American Muslim Huda Fahmy, who describes herself on Instagram as “a friendly, neighborhood hijabi”. Her hilarious comics, which poke fun at married life, and common misconceptions about Islam and Muslim women, can be found on her Instagram page (@yesimhotinthis).

*hijabi, referring to a Muslim woman who wears a hijab or headscarf.

Source: Pixabay (cut to 4:3 size)

Intuitive Eating (of Social Media Feeds)

A friend responding with 'I would love to help you but I honestly first need to understand what's going on'

The Context Social media platforms bring about so many opportunities for enhanced global connection and access, and yet I often feel very passive on these platforms. Passively consuming content can be great, especially considering the fast-paced nature of our society today. However, I feel the prolonged periods of time I spend passively scrolling negatively affects my ability to think clearly and more…