Social media blunders

Nowadays, people know the ins and outs of social media. Especially children that grew up with iPads, tablets and smartphones have built up some sort of digital intuition. Teens, children and most people up to 30 know the etiquettes of social media. However, older generations or people that just don’t have that much affinity with digital stuff sometimes make blunders I noticed. Some of those online blunder can be quite funny. In this blog I will present a few common blunders of funny ways of using social media that I have come across quite a few times when I was browsing social media.

  1. The letters addressed to Mark Zuckerberg.

Quite a few times I have encountered people on Facebook that wanted to write to Mark Zuckerberg directly by posting a formal letter as a port on their own Facebook wall. They often start their letter with something like: “Dear Mark Zuckerberg…”. Most of the times, these letters contain a request about new user conditions or something. Sometimes concerns are expressed to these letters. It seems like these people do not understand that Mark Zuckerberg will probably never read these posts nor would they be taken seriously. I sometimes think that it would actually be really funny if for once he actually does react on such a letter.

2.The greetings under a Facebook comment

Another funny phenomenon on Facebook is the “groetjes van Els & Johan” (greetings from Els & Johan) under each and every Facebook post. These greetings often go together with joined Facebook accounts of elderly couples. Whenever they post a comment under their grandson’s new profile picture they make sure that to give him greeting from his grandparents. Always consistently in the same format.

3.The well known social media fights

I’m sure almost everyone has encountered at least one of them in their lifetimes. Maybe you have even been part of one (with or without the intention to be in one). I’m talking about a dispute, or fight if you will, that is fought out online. In the comment section under an edgy post with sensitive content or even under a photo of someone that has absolutely nothing to do with the whole dispute. I think we can all agree that when you think about it, it is actually not the best idea to have these kinds of heavy conversations online where everyone or all your friends can read along (grabs popcorn).

All these blunder are most often quite funny. They are innocent blunders that happen when humans and digital technology don’t completely line up. They make social media more human than if everything would happen like it should.