If you’ve been on any social media platform this week, you will most likely have seen the phenomenon that is Elon Musks’ latest product on the market: The Tesla Cybertruck. I came across a video of the product reveal show on Facebook last friday. When I saw the cybertruck for the very first time, I was very confused. There were many conflicting thoughts and opinions that crossed me. I will list them below in rough order:

  • Is this a joke?
  • How can a billionaire not hire actual designers?
  • Batmobile?
  • Black Mirror Sci-fi meets Lego
  • It actually looks kinda neat..
“It didn’t go through”

The little demo shown at the reveal (video above) was supposed to show the toughness of the rear windows. His co-worker threw a steel ball at the window, yet he nearly smashes the rear window. Musk seems to charm the audience with a calm and collected “It didn’t go through..”

The real reason of the window getting smashed in was explained later by Musk on Twitter:

In case you were wondering

The real reason for writing this blog was because this totally exploded on the internet. The eruption of memes and discussions is what draws many of us to these forums and social media. Regardless, the pre-orders seem to be doing well, as Musk casually lets everybody know on Twitter:

After a couple of days, I must say that this cyber-truck is starting to grow on me more. This is because after looking more into this car (even though I am not much of a car guy) the total Sci-Fi dream that this car embodies is fascinating to me. The inspirations for the design are future cars for space-travels to Mars and the flying vehicles from the Blade Runner movies. Tesla and Musk have pushing ideas and innovation, but has science gone too far? The controversial planar design of the car is made this way because

It would break the machines that make it.

Tesla uses 30X cold-rolled steel, which also seems to be used for their Starship project

Tesla’s Cybertruck design differs from traditional autos because it uses a stainless steel exoskeleton instead of a traditional body-on-frame design.  In the traditional design, the car body doesn’t have as much structural integrity and is mainly used for aerodynamic and styling purposes, and to protect occupants from the elements.

In the Cybertruck’s design, the entire vehicle exterior is used as a stressed member, allowing it to do double duty as both the body and the frame.  This reduces complexity, and since Tesla is using ultra-hard steel, increases sturdiness of the vehicle’s exterior.

Taken from:

The interior seems to be fully customizable, with an option to purchase the ability for the truck to be self-driving for 7000$

Lastly, I want to highlight the Cybertrucks’ logo. It looks super punk which I suspect is a reference to Cyberpunk ?

I will leave behind some silly memes and would love to hear your opinion or ideas about this car.