I Have Scraped Our Blogs

Or at least attempted to do so

My plan is to scrape all our blogs and run it through Python to see what our most frequent words are. They will most likely have something to do with privacy, safety or media. I am curious to find out what topics are most of interest to us.

Since I did not know how to scrape myself, I figured that there must be an app for that or an extension in the case of browsers. Lo and behold, that is true. I used Data Miner to try to extract all text, but I could get my so-called recipe to work. My idea was to expand all blogs, but I could not get that to run properly, so I ended up with only the first X words that are always displayed.

The not so thrilling scraping recorded

I planned on putting the end result in a .txt file and then run in through this code. I have not checked if it runs, but I might continue this endeavour next week.

My aim was to display which topics are most of interest to us, by seeing what words we most frequently use. I figured it would be a fitting version of a throwback so to speak.