Episode 6: Election Special!

This the sixth episode of our podcast titled ‘Digital Discussions’, in which we discuss topics about the digital, humanities, and digital humanities. Today is a the special election episode, as we focus on some very important elections happing in the week of recording, as this episode was recorded on 3 November. As the host of this episode, Gijs gives a relatively long introduction of the important elections happening in the world, namely those of Ivory Coast, Moldova and Palau. In an (un)surprising twist, this episode actually solely focuses on media attention and relevancy of different countries in relation to each other, as well as questions about international coverage, comparisons of atrocities and political controversies. In these episodes, we’re going to rotate the role of host that introduces a topic and a discussion around it with the help of an academic article, news article, or something else relevant. We hope you enjoy listening!

Additional Sources used in the episode:
Ivory Coast: 1, 2
Moldova: 1
Palau: 1, 2

Episode 6: Election Special!

This podcast is a shared project between Cosima Stierman, Emma de Rijke and Gijs Mesman.

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