Fake News will not go away (yet) – what can YOU do? Video part 2

Welcome to my second video about Fake News. This part is about ways in which we, as creators and audience, can contribute to the fight of stopping false information online and in our academic work. Based on the book by Nicole Cooke I will share with you some tips on how to approach information as well as useful sources to educate yourself and verify the information. Of course, we are not able to stop fake news ourselves, but self-awareness and a skeptical mindset are the good first step.

Fact-checking websites:


  • Chokshi, Niray. “How to Fight Fake News (Warning: It Isn’t Easy)”, The New York Times, 19 September 2017, https://global.factiva.com/ha/default.aspx#./!?&_suid=16059647473490013698670505386312
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Music „Hopefull Freedom” by Asher Fulero

Sources of Illustrations:












I wanted to thank my friend Alma who agreed to be an actress in this video!

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  • kevinsousa
    Posted December 9, 2020 at 5:17 pm 0Likes

    Great Video! Especially in a time where you might not be sure if that Onion article is real or not given how ridicoulous the world has become. And a lot of companies have started going that way by integrating fact-checking measures (such as Twitter that warns you when a tweet might contain misinformation). However, they have also sown to contain bias, especially towards left-leaning political expressions. How much bias would you think is acceptable in news that are generally never fully objective? Also, thank you for sharing the websites for fact checking!!

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