Woman = Hairbow + Eyelashes + Lipstick – Ms. Pac-Man and Other Gendered Items

Why was I not surprised when it was brought up in the Digital Media lecture that a ‘female’ Pac-Man character was created? Because this is what society does, products and characters are gendered. ALL the time. The problem with this (as I am sure many of you already understand) is that we now live in a time where people are open about no longer conforming to the heteronormative and binary labels of male and female. There are no definitions now for what it means to be ‘female’ or ‘male’, as the borders between the two (that were created in the past) are being blurred every day. However, this is something that has only recently become a more mainstream topic. Gendered items still make up a large portion of consumable items, characters, and bathrooms for example. How hard is it for people to understand that individuals can use/play with ANY ITEMS THEY WANT!? Anyways…

I find the Ms. Pac-Man character almost comedic. How can someone add a hairbow and makeup to a yellow dot and call it female? Not only this, there are versions of Ms. Pac-Man that they have sexualized (see my previous blog post explaining the oversexualization of characters in games).

I think it is so funny that they have attempted to make a yellow dot ‘sexy’. Look at that pose. The legs. The heels. It seems that humans have an obsession with making everything conform to either being male or female. There are hundreds of examples of gendered products that do not make any sense (and that are also completely unnecessary, please check out this link for 115 more examples of gendered and/or sexist products.). For example, BIC pens “For Her” (see below). There is no reason why different people need to have different pens. It’s a pen. There are gendered shampoos, toys, deodorants, even foods.

I really wonder whether this history of gendering and binary allocation comes from the perspective of Foucault and the panopticon (society of control); or as a way for heteronormative beings to constitute, confirm and exhibit their ‘femininity’ or ‘masculinity’. These products could be a way for society to push its agenda of control and especially the control of conforming, docile bodies. Society also seems to have an obsession with exhibiting femininity and/or masculinity which can become toxic and detrimental to the images that people have of themselves and of others.

I propose that we start creating a society in which no products are targeted to either femininity or masculinity. It should be advertised that all products can be used by any person, as when it comes down to it, all of us are just humans and we all have the same bodies. We should be letting children play with any toys they want, not what society tells them they are ‘allowed’ to play with. Normalise neutral products/characters/etc.!!! I hope to see a more inclusive and neutral society and social space as soon as possible.

Have you ever had any experience with gendered products? Or not being able to find a product or space that fits with you gender identity? Let me know what you believe the reasons may be why we have these products in the first place.