Studying online, why not try using StudyStream?

When talking about digitalization, the first thing that came to my mind is school. Since the second semester of my first year, I have taken most of the courses online till now. Some of my friends also went back to their home countries and stayed there for months. In the beginning, I could not get used to being at home in front of the computers for classes, even though it was more flexible and I did not need to commute to school every day. After knowing some courses had the playback whenever I skipped the classes, I still felt alright and secured that I could always watch the replay when I needed it. It was not productive when talking about studying and writing essays because it was hard for me to strike the balance between having online courses and sticking to the schedule with no peers around me, studying with me altogether, or interrupting by scrolling social media. Then I realized it is me, myself, to only have self-discipline then I would not have so much of the struggles. One day, while I was scrolling my phone, an advertisement popped up and introduced a website as an online studying platform, which is called the “StudyStream”. 

To have a little background on StudyStream. It is 24/7 and it is created for all the students worldwide by accessing zoom. (You can meet people in different time zones if you stay up late enough, which is not recommended.) It is designed for students to find new study groups, study buddies, and connections. And to study with others sharing experiences and surly studying would become much more motivated, productive and delightful by seeing other students studying. It is not only designed for students in Universities but also at the school levels. In other words, the online studying platform can be seen as physically invisible, but an enormous room sharing a similar concept of studying in the libraries or study environment. StudyStream also created plenty of focus music playlists for concentration, creating, studying, coding, etc. After knowing this online studying platform, I was thinking why not give it a try! Maybe studying with other students will enhance my productivity and motivation. 

When I first joined the zoom StudyStream, the first thing I cared about was my self-image. In a more academic term, it is covered under the term called “self-presentation” by Goffman. I was scanning all the peers from my screen and thinking in mind if others were also looking at me. Some of them dressed really well with makeup and with their Instagram ID names appeared. Some of them were being so concentrated on writing down notes and reading papers. What I experienced there makes me curious whether some of them are facing problems like “zoom fatigue”? (Zoom fatigue is referred to as burnout, tiredness after overusing the virtual platforms of videoconferencing.) How do they feel after using StudyStream? And since I am studying anthropology and doing fieldwork this semester, I would like to explore more to see the impact of using this online study platform. But from what I have experienced, it gave a nice and relaxing vibe while studying with other students. From my perspective, StudyStream really did make me focus even longer and it definitely brought a positive impact.