Are dating apps worth using?

Hundreds of dating apps are in the app store if you download and use them, you will find most of the user populations are the young people. Some dating apps’ users population are mainly college students which are under age 27 and high school students as well. This raises a question: in college, it is easy for students to meet other people from different majors and studies. Why do so many people still choose to make friends online?

Regardless of the time spent during the pandemic, those reasons may be lead people to choose to make friends online: the person is not talkative, has no confidence in his/her appearance, has a relatively ordinary life, and so on. However, when I am using the Internet, I find that it is not always true. There are many people who have a decent and positive life. And they are also quite talkative and active. In addition to this, the users that use the dating apps are not directly related to social skills in real life. So why do college students use dating apps?

I spent the previous summer break to experience and search for college students that choose to use dating apps. 

Pursue purposeful relationships

This is probably the most intuitive reason. During the pandemic, it is difficult to cultivate deep friendships. Dating apps are considered a quick matchmaking channel. The built-in question system also allows college students to have a direct and appropriate opportunity to talk about topics that are usually difficult to share with classmates, such as feelings and values.

Find friends outside of your life circle

Dating apps are indeed overcome many barriers. It is relatively easy to say hello to people who do not overlap in different schools, majors, and life circles. When chatting with the person that you had a match with, you are also getting to know his/her age, life, habit, and so on. Such an experience is rare in real life which makes me think it is the greatest advantage of dating apps. You then have a chance to meet different people through changing values and opinions by texting, voice-calling, video-calling. And possibly you would have a chance to meet up and hang out with the ‘potential friend’.   

You feel bored during the pandemic? Are dating apps worth to use?

It is not difficult to find the pursuit of today’s college students. They hope to skip the time-consuming process of making friends from unfamiliar to familiar and create another shortcut. During the pandemic, social life is almost banned. The way of making friends online seems to be a good solution. Many people hesitate when faced with the so-called ‘fast-food relationship’ or the past experience of using the dating apps. Is it worth trying? My answer is, “it’s worth it”.

The dating apps have been labeled with many tags and impressions such as ‘friends with benefits’ and “catfish”. People who are not willing to try also pointed out that they think it is unsafe and dangerous to know people from the Internet. Personally think it is normal and necessary to have such doubts, but keeping doubts does not conflict with trying to make online friends and even everyone who tries must keep such doubts.

During the previous summer break, if you asked me “Have you ever met someone who was unsuspecting?” Then the answer is yes. However, I don’t think the Internet is more dangerous than the real world because people with unpredictable intentions also exist in the real world. Sometimes, I even think that the screen is an alternative shield. When I feel uncomfortable going offline is also dangerous. It is important to stay vigilant and protect yourself. To sum up, this principle applies to the Internet as well as social networking in the real world. In short, the Internet is the second society. All kinds of people exist in the apps and by our side physically.