ASMR (video)

A year ago I had a discussion with a friend about ASMR. We had very different opinions: she is a fan, she listens to sleep ASMR while I absolutely hated it and could not stand it. After I found soap cutting videos I changed my mind that is why I wanted to make a video about ASMR.

In the video I explain what ASMR is, what triggers it and something about the community and benefits alternated by examples of ASMR content.

There are of course many forms of ASMR but I used the type of content I enjoy. I like soft and repetitive sounds so no talking, tapping objects or make-up/skin care routine as they often contain more harsh sounds.

Just for your information I am whispering in the video 🙂


Stephen D. Smith, Beverley Katherine Fredborg, Jennifer Kornelsen, “Functional connectivity associated with five different categories of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) triggers” in Consciousness and Cognition, Volume 85, 2020.

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Drew from New Rockstars on ASMR

TikToks used in the video => cherry cutting => spray paint => soap cutting => eating candy => foam cutting => paint scraping => sunflower painting => paint scraping