Why are online/video games so addictive?

When I was younger, I played video games with my sister and got hooked when playing games such as Super Mario Bros. Now, I no longer play video/online games, but my step brother still does. It seems that people get really competitive when playing those games, and also addicted, which leads to the topic of this blog. Why are video/online games so addictive?  

Gamesingear, Children playing video games and also the monitor screens or TV’s, 14th January, 2012, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Children_playing_video_games_%26_TV%27s.jpg 

Purpose of video games in terms of design 

The article titled Why are Video Games Addictive? by Dr. Brent Conrad, mentions that one reason why online/video games are so addictive is that sometimes you can make social connections by playing video games with friends either via video call or in person, or you can make friends with strangers. In a way, one can interact with friends. Therefore, it might feel as though they are already being social and consequently, do not feel the need to go out. 

Another interesting point made by the author of the article is that games that involve currency in particular gaining currency are the sort of games that people might get addicted to. When I was younger I was obsessed with playing Super Mario, as I enjoyed collecting the gold coins and found myself wanting to collect more. 


Video/Online games are addictive due to the designs of the virtual world. Most of the times you can create an avatar of your choice. Fulfilling one’s dream personal characteristics, and again placing themselves in a dream world. This may include powers and strengths. I agree with the author’s points about what makes video games addictive.