How has social media changed music production and reception?

A collaborative podcast with saschagalamikic from Digital Discoverers

Collage of the artists discussed in the podcast with Sascha from Digital Discoverers


“Break It Off”, song by PinkPantheress (start and end of podcast); used for educational and analytical purposes.

“Pinkpantheress: The Voice of a Generation”:

The concept of Bedroom Culture: Melanie Kennedy, “‘If the Rise of the TikTok Dance and e-Girl Aesthetic Has Taught Us Anything, It’s That Teenage Girls Rule the Internet Right Now’: TikTok Celebrity, Girls and the Coronavirus Crisis.”

PinkPantheress signing with Parlophone Records:

Beatles with Parlophone Records:

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Was MySpace music’s best social media platform?

How TikTok helps artists get No.1 hits: 

Social Network, Social Media, and Social diseases: