Movie Mania (pt. 2): The Social Network

Here it is, the last podcast from the Unnur and Grace duo. In our final podcast, we take a deep dive into the award-winning film The Social Network in relation to Facebook’s recently name-changing decision. So what was Facebook? and what will it be? Listen to our final episode to find out our take on the movie and the actual corporate it was based on.

Warning: this episode also contains spoilers of the film, take this as an unsubtle nudge to watch the film.


Silicon Valley Explained in Adam Fisher’s Valley of Genius

Sillicon Valley by Christine Finn in The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World

Soundtrack used in podcast

Reznor, Trent, and Atticus Ross. In Motion. The Null Corporation, 2010.

Reznor, Trent, and Atticus Ross. Hand Covers Bruise. The Null Corporation, 2010.