An Introduction on GeoCaching

In this video I go on a walk with my friend Matthijs to do some GeoCaching, a healthy way of engaging in social play and an alternative to video gaming, without risking losing yourself in escapism. It was my first time and it offered a great solution to me of both going outside and socially interacting with a (digital) community, under our current COVID-circumstances. Check out my vid if you’re interested in GeoCaching yourself!

If you want to know more about why it might be handy to look for other playful ways of social interaction than video gaming, take a look at Lin Zhu’s text on the psychology behind video gaming:

Or, if you’re eager to try out GeoCaching yourself, download the app:

Lin Zhu, “The Psychology behind Video Games during COVID ‐19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies 3, no. 1 (September 2020): pp. 157-159,