Badoo, Tinder, Bumble and so much more

I think a lot of people (specifically millennials and the following generations) have once in their life downloaded a dating app, even if it was out of pure curiosity. Especially during Covid19, dating apps offered a platform to meet new people, with apps such as Bumble even offering a ‘friend’ mode to expand your social relationships when there was no other way of bumping into new people. But how do you make successful connections? I myself, by now, consider myself quite a professional on dating apps as I have had way too many dates and even managed to get two relationships out of swiping. So, let me run you through this.

The Red Flags

The infamous red flag, the warning sign, the feeling you get that maybe something is off with a person. This can be hard to tag when you are only seeing a picture and bio at first. But even at this starting point, there are some things that can be considered a serious red flag and not worth your time to even swipe.

  1. No bio. This person probably is not someone who is feeling like putting in much effort. If someone is really looking for a meaninful conversation and a nice date, they will put in those 2 minutes to write a little something.
  2. The referall to their social media. Hmmm, really? Are you on a dating app to get a date or just to get more followers?
  3. They have only one picture. This is always fishy. Potential catfish alert! Again, this shows very little effort. Oftentimes, these people are not too serious about the dating app either.
  4. They have only sexy pictures. This usually indicates that they are not looking for anything serious (read: one-night stand). Of course, there is nothing wrong with that perse. If you are looking for the same, go ahead! But don’t expect too much romantics when you swipe this profile.
  5. Only group pictures. Uhm, yes but which one are you? If you have to ask to find out… don’t even bother.

The Green Flags: What to look for instead

  1. Their Spotify. A great way to find out if you have a mutual style is to see if their spotify is linked. The type of music someone listens to can say a lot about their personality.
  2. They have a picture of a hobby. Someone playing a guitar, drawing, hiking is always a good sign! They are showing you what their interests are and this makes it easy to see if you might be a match activity-wise (plus it might offer some ideas for a first date).
  3. They fill out a prompt. Some dating apps like Hinge and Badoo offer prompts to make it easier for people to list something about themselves without having to be super creative. A little effort to fill out a prompt already shows that they’re willing to put in some energy, as well as that it can help the swiper understand more about their personality.
  4. They are open about what they’re looking for. Dating apps are hard to navigate. Some people want something casual, other people want to get married. This is why it’s so great if people are upfront about what they want. There’s no judgment in any motivation to get on a dating app. Just make sure that you and the person you swipe are on the same page.
  5. Their account is verified. A huge green flag! A lot of dating apps now provide the option to get verified by asking you to take a picture of yourself and matching this to the pictures you have uploaded on your profile. This means that you can be sure that the person on the other side of the screen is actually the person who’s picture you’re seeing. Halleluja, no more catfishes!

It’s cuffing season! So get your dating on. Have fun!


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