Podcast — Smart Contact lenses; the VR glasses of the future?

For this podcast I discussed the topic of Smart Contact Lenses. The idea of the smart contact lens started as a concept only showed in Sci-fi movies, where the characters would be able to see more information of their surrounding and of their targets. This idea is now becoming reality. Companies such as Google, Sony and Samsung started with the design of these smart contact leses but were not very succesfull to this day to create a functional protype. The company Mojo Vision however is comming very close to an actual sellable product for the wider audience. The smart lenses is addapting this idea of AR; augmentative reality. This means that within your normal vision you are able to see other information that you would normally not be able to see in the same sight field. See an example in here below.

The development of the Contact lens is now at the stadium of wearing the lens on the eye ball itself, a move that is a big step in the ”right” direction. For the development of the lens it is ofcourse majo news, however for humankind I am not so sure if this is something positive. I do love the idea that deaf people (I said blind in the podcast, I meant deaf of course) can participate in society when wearing the lens, because it can provide direct subtitles of what the people infront of them are saying using AI. However, I do not like the idea that people are getting more and more dependant on technology. When this goes further the way it is going right now, one day we will not be able to life without these tools. Or are we already living in that world today?

I could talk for ages about this subject, it is a really really intriguing subject to me.

Thank you for listening! And please let me know your thoughts in the comments below :))

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