Podcast: Digital Soundscape Episode 3 – The Spatiality of Sound (Cara, Viktoria, Jiyoung)

The podcast series Digital Soundscape consists of 5 different episodes, which aim to offer deeper insights into digital sounds generated in/by digital space. With team members Annabel, Agustina, Cara,  Viktoria, and Jiyoung, we use our five different episodes as an ongoing conversation among us. We divided our team into two groups(Cara, Viktoria, Jiyoung / Annabel, Augustina) and at the end of each episode, we asked the question to another group. Therefore, each episode is both the answer to the previous episode and the question for the next episode. 

Our podcast series touches upon personal experience with digital sound, as well as the socio-cultural aspects of digitally generated sounds. Based on our research over the course of 4 episodes, In the last episode, we will share our soundscape work as a result of this whole conversation.  

In the third part of our podcast, we (Cara, Viktoria, Jiyoung) talk about the spatiality of sound, and how sound can provide a sense of spatiality. In connection to that, we talked about different recording methods, techniques and equipment, and speaker arrangements. Based on this conversation of theoretical and technological aspects of sound equipment, we also conversed about Anne Imhof’s exhibition Youth in the Stedelijk Museum and the exhibition Tresor 31 | Techno, Berlin und die große Freiheit in Kraftwerk, Berlin.

Digital Soundscape Episode 3

We hope you enjoy our podcast and see you at our fourth episode. 🙂