Interviewing Open AI’s Chat GPT Assistant [podcast]

Hi all! In this podcast interview Assistant and I discuss artificial intelligence in relation to its past and future developments and its connection to games, based on Julian Togelius’ Playing Smart. Since we’ve been discussing AI so often, I thought it was time to hear what it had to say on the matter!

For those of you who know ChatGPT already, you are aware that the Assistant cannot speak, only write. Therefore, I first carried out the interview in written form and then used a text-to-speech AI generator to voice Assistant’s responses. I hope you can forgive the monotonous voice: sadly it is the best I could do with the free version. :’)

You will notice that its responses often reiterate mine and that they have a clear structural pattern (which reminded me of argumentative essay templates).

Let me know what else stands out to you! Hope you enjoy!


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Open AI Hide and Seek Video

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