[VIDEO] I tried 3D printing in DHLab

This is the second part of æspacore, never heard of it?, which is aimed to experiment technologies with cultural trends. Aespa’s associated main themes are mostly about technology, futurism, cyber Y2K, maximalism, neon, and cyber sigilism. To signify the aesthetic style, associated fashions are metallic-style accessories (such as head garments/headsets) coming from a rare aesthetic called Liquid Metal and also from high-impact polystyrene materials. Since I always want to try making small accessories to spice up my outfits and I knew we could freely use the 3D printer in the lab, I was like why not making a little wing for my headphones? (: So I tried it. And here is the process of making that little wing, which was not the best but sparkled my further interest in this field.

Enjoy ♡

P/S: I am so sorry for the bad quality of the video because I messed up in the last minutes, I couldn’t save the file so I had to record the screen which caused laggings and glitches the whole time. Thank you for your understanding.