a few minutes of SOMETHING – liminal space vlog

Hello! I decided to try out as a last post here to make a vlog. It was fun, it went in too many directions, and a little bit over time. I repeat the word space too many times, maybe that is one of the reasons, but I like the topic, so no regrets. 😉

P.S. Many of the liminal spaces you see in the video are made by me, and Dall·E. I have been trying to recreate my dream labyrinths and the places I grew up, which have more of a soviet taste. It worked surprisingly well.

Here is a list of games I promise in the video:


Just More Doors

Garry’s mod

“A Dream You’ve Had Before” (Roblox)

Superliminal (<3)

The Stanley Parable

References and things to check: